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New Who sketches (2011)

I’ve been neglecting my drawing and so my goal this summer is to power through a couple of things I’ve been stalling on. I got a couple of pieces finished last night and am pretty encouraged and inspired and happy enough to share them with you here!

First, an art exchange thing for a Whovian that took me a month past the due date to finish. The prompt was three songs from the recipient’s randomized playlist, and this one was inspired by “How Could I Ever Know” from The Secret Garden. Here’s what I came up with:

Probably the hardest part was the coloring. I used colored pencils, which I’ve never been too handy with. But pastels would have been a bit unwieldy for something with this much detail, and at my level of expertise. Markers wouldn’t have given the same van Gogh-ey feel. So pencils it was. :/

Here’s some bonus sketches I did to figure out Amy and Rory faces for the main piece:

van Gogh was laughably easy to draw and I just quickly caricatured him in and liked the first result I got.

After I finished the piece I still felt like drawing, something just for me to flex the muscles. So I drew the quickest John Simm I’ve ever done, primarily with 4B-7B pencils and a little 2B/HB at the end. I was trying purposefully not to spend too long on little details, since shadows tell most of the story here:

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