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Digital paint portrait of my other kitty, Fiona

I’m doing a series of all my sweeties because they deserve it, but also to brush up on my pet portraiture. So here’s Fiona, my other living kitty, in a rare moment of repose.


I painted the Most Interesting Cat In The World, my Kitsune!

Thanksgiving 2008: Cats, Fish, and Whipped Cream

Usually we go to friends for Thanksgiving these days. We spent Thanksgiving in 2008 with Fluffy, Jen, and their cats.


Halloween 2008: Abe Lincoln and George Washington in Love

Occasionally Ken and I actually throw a party. This was probably one of the most fun Halloweens I’ve had, and with some of the best costumes as well.


RIP Harvey, 5/09-10/11

Harvey died tonight. He went peacefully and Bruce was kind enough not to gnaw on him. He has his gentleratly moments I suppose. We gave him a proper rat funeral.

I feel like I should be more sad than I am, but the truth is I’m relieved that he went without apparent trauma and simply died of old age (for a rat, 2 1/3 years is considered quite elderly. Though I was hoping he’d be one of the lucky ones to make it to 3). He’d been slowing down for a while, and Ken and I knew it was just a matter of time, but the other rats we’ve had didn’t go downhill quite as fast as Harvey did, so I consider that a blessing for everyone. He didn’t suffer.

Here’s one of the most recent pictures I have, taken this summer:

Goodbye Harvo. Thanks for being such a sweet little guy.

Should we scratch them??

So we got a second cat! Meet Fiona.

She’s an Egyptian Mau mix. She taps her tail constantly, much like Gidget did, and is super fast and super skinny. Also, she’s a little monkey, getting everywhere. Her very first night she decided to try and scale the shower door, with limited success. More pictures coming! I just ran out of space on my card x/

Cool Hike- Swimming with the Frogs (Summer 2008)

Ken and I revisited the awesome Cool Pool back in 2008, and actually went swimming this time. With the frogs.


Random Davis Sights- Graveyards, Jackrabbits, and Crazy Playground Antics (Summer 2008)

Most of these are from another bike ride Ken and I took around East Davis.

RAT HOUSE (June 2008)

So back in my former life I was in grad school for Animal Behavior. Since I have a great love of maligned species I decided I was going to do my thesis on handling methods for laboratory rats. I made it through one experiment and decided it just wasn’t for me, so I left with a Master’s. However, I had about 40 rats kicking about after that experiment that would be euthanized if I couldn’t find them homes (this is part of the reason I decided animal experimentation just wasn’t for me). I’d decided that rats were for me, though, so I took two home myself, House and Wilson, and gave one to a man from out of town who wanted a new companion for his elderly rat. That still left 37 to figure out what to do with, so I took some pictures of them in the hopes that someone online would help me out. The story has a happy ending; a rat rescue in the Bay Area took all the rest and they lived out their lives in a modified barn <3<3


How Cute Are Those Piggies In The Window? (June 2008)

Just some pics of our guinea pigs enjoying the summer sunshine!

Scully’s got some health problems at the moment, so I don’t know how many more photoshoots we’ll get with her :/ We’re trying to enjoy the time with her we have left as much as we can!

Jenny’s Sushi Birthday, 2008

I’m about three years behind again on the Digitalis project; how did this happen?!?!? Ah well. Here’s some nice pics of Jenny’s birthday party three years ago, where she made sushi and we happily ate it.


Brunch at K St, 2008

This looks like it was when Laura had the idea to have a girls-only brunch.

I don’t have much technically to say about this set except I agonized over white balance for some reason.

I can’t help thinking of Pan’s Labyrinth. I’m sorry, Laura.

Jack, plain and tall (and proud).

Casey kind of looks like Oliver Twist here or something.

Harry wants no part in this.

Train Walk / K Street (2008)

Some time in February or March I decided I was going to take a walk by myself and just photograph things as I happened across them. Partially this was more testing and practicing with the Rebel XT… but this is also when I first made the decision to quit grad school and go into art as a career.


2008 camera testing

Here’s some of the initial pics I took with my Canon Rebel XT just after I got it, early 2008. None of them are tremendous works of art, but I like them:


Vestiges of 2007

Good news! I’ve officially finished processing the pictures from 2007, which means I’m done with my old Kodak Easyshare (lovely camera, but it was really starting to show its age) and now am on to my Canon Rebel XT pics from 2008 and beyond! The next few posts will be remaining 2007s I found kicking around my hard drive.



Friends and family wanted to see Ken with short hair, and then rats happened to crawl around on him last week while he was practicing guitar, so here. Ken, guitar, and rats:


Halloween 2010- The Master, Boba Fett, Ricky Berger, and rats!

First of all, we were actually somewhat productive on Halloween and released a single called Spooky Rave, which you should check out/download immediately from and which I will link the Official Video to below:


Full “You’re the Master’s cat, now” photoshoot

Here’s a few more shots of Kitsune being forced to wear my new fobwatch. Cats really hate wearing things, but she was a trooper.


You’re the Master’s cat now.

Instead of an engagement ring I asked for an engagement fobwatch. When it arrived I promptly put it on the cat and took pictures. Don’t even ask.

Tennessee Valley Trail, Golden Gate National Park, California (2008)

This is the first trip I took with my new digital camera (Canon Rebel XT) back in early 2008. Went with Ken and some of his work buddies. The Tennessee Valley Trail is pretty great. You walk a relatively flat road until you get to Muir Beach:


mario’s longawaited pigtures

mario has been subtly hinting at getting his pictures taken with guinea pigs for a little while, so i indulged his (totally questionable) fantasies the other day. enjoy!

black + white prints

i call this one “mowing cat.” it amuses me.

too much contrast maybe… or if you’re going for the whole chris isaac “wicked game” look, it’s just enough.

it wouldn’t be me without a picture of something dead.

they stayed so perfectly still, just like in the olden days of portrait photography. they look like sisters.

sewing pig

i hate these mood swings. meanwhile, look at pictures of cute animals!

together we become something greater than the sum of our parts.


they’re really just rodents after all, and far more flexible that we can imagine.