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Onward and Downward (Crowley from Supernatural)


Just a quick sketch I did the other night of Crowley from Supernatural. The hardest part was the armpit region of the suit, believe it or not. Who thought that’d be so hard to get right? Obviously it’s a demonic conspiracy.

KGill and JRenn Twofer!

I finally finished my Hot Guy portrait!


And here’s a quickie of Amy Pond:


Almost Done With Hot Guy

Hot Guy is Almost Done

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye from Thor and The Avengers movies. My first monochrome (purple of course)! I thought all the cables and lines of rain would be a fun challenge. HAHAHAHAHAHAkillme

Portrait of the Actor as a Young Moriarty

Andrew Scott from BBC’s Sherlock, digital painting :3

Amanda (effing) Palmer, December 2008, Harlow’s Sacramento

From the Who Killed Amanda Palmer tour.


ARE YA READY FOR SOME NIN PICTURES from… like… 3 1/2 years ago?

Yeah, so I went to what ended up being one of the last NIN tours ever: The Lights in the Sky show in Sacramento, December 2008. Trent had intimated he’d never come back to Sac after the With Teeth fiasco last time, so I wasn’t gonna miss this. I was not disappointed. As a plus, they let me bring in my camera equipment because NIN rocks. All these were taken with my zoom lens; we were midway to the stage.


Tori Amos portrait

Here’s another digital portrait for your viewing pleasurrrrre. This time, Tori Amos as Pip from the American Doll Posse tour.

You Don’t Need Another Thom Yorke Portrait

But here you go anyway.

Digital Portrait Commission #1- On Golden Pond

Here’s Amy Pond, the first of the digital paint portraits I promised to people who helped me name my new webcomic (which, by the way, will end up being “So I’m the Alligator, Then?” Thanks Alan, for inspiring me). This one is for Cait (realityshmality), whose instructions were something like “surprise me.” Hope you’re surprised 🙂

Glastonbury Thom Yorke

Yeah so. I’m really getting into this tablet thing.

What big teeth you have, Master

My first digital painting! I contributed this to an upcoming Doctor Who calendar for the best_enemies comm on Livejournal. I think the subject matter is pretty self-evident.

New Who sketches (2011)

I’ve been neglecting my drawing and so my goal this summer is to power through a couple of things I’ve been stalling on. I got a couple of pieces finished last night and am pretty encouraged and inspired and happy enough to share them with you here!


Carmen Sandiego shoot, February 2008

I just realized I missed a set, so here’s a little jump backwards in time to bring you photos from the filming of James Mah’s “Where in North America is Carmen Sandiego?” Which you can watch below:

Now on to the pictures.

New Drawing (Strapped)

I just seem to like drawing John Simm in bondage gear. Here he is as the Master in Doctor Who. Check out that confident smile; the balance of power has already shifted and nobody else has even noticed.

Dalek Cupcakes

We made these for Mario’s birthday in I believe 2007. They were so freaking hard to make because we’re inept at sweets. But hilariously worth it.


John Simm

Here’s my favorite photo of my favorite actor, John Simm, redone in pencil. I’m trying to get used to drawing in backgrounds, instead of just leaving portraits on a backdrop of white. It’s more difficult than I thought!

Also, I wish I could get my pictures darker. I’m using a 7B and it still looks too light to me. I’m considering moving to charcoal and/or pastels. Any fellow artists out there with other suggestions?

Halloween 2010- The Master, Boba Fett, Ricky Berger, and rats!

First of all, we were actually somewhat productive on Halloween and released a single called Spooky Rave, which you should check out/download immediately from and which I will link the Official Video to below:


Dar Williams @ The Palms, Winters, CA (2007)

Before we went off on our epic Pacific Northwest Tour we kicked it off by seeing Dar effing Williams at an incredibly small venue in Winters. It was really something special. Even if my camera at the time couldn’t quite handle concert photography.


Full “You’re the Master’s cat, now” photoshoot

Here’s a few more shots of Kitsune being forced to wear my new fobwatch. Cats really hate wearing things, but she was a trooper.


You’re the Master’s cat now.

Instead of an engagement ring I asked for an engagement fobwatch. When it arrived I promptly put it on the cat and took pictures. Don’t even ask.



This sketch took me WAY longer than I wanted it to. But them’s the breaks when you are drawing the Master. He likes making everything difficult.

i think i may have gone a bit overboard

can we stop? now with sound! new and improved!!! BUY NOW

terrific news; my x3 fanvid set to a nine inch nails song now has sound again. yay for youtube’s workaround agreement with music labels! now i don’t have to hate them! watch here, if you didn’t get a chance:


i’m inordinately proud of it since it took me the longest of anything film-related to complete.