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Thanksgiving 2008: Cats, Fish, and Whipped Cream

Usually we go to friends for Thanksgiving these days. We spent Thanksgiving in 2008 with Fluffy, Jen, and their cats.


Halloween 2008: Abe Lincoln and George Washington in Love

Occasionally Ken and I actually throw a party. This was probably one of the most fun Halloweens I’ve had, and with some of the best costumes as well.


Cool Hike- Swimming with the Frogs (Summer 2008)

Ken and I revisited the awesome Cool Pool back in 2008, and actually went swimming this time. With the frogs.


How Cute Are Those Piggies In The Window? (June 2008)

Just some pics of our guinea pigs enjoying the summer sunshine!

Scully’s got some health problems at the moment, so I don’t know how many more photoshoots we’ll get with her :/ We’re trying to enjoy the time with her we have left as much as we can!

2008 camera testing

Here’s some of the initial pics I took with my Canon Rebel XT just after I got it, early 2008. None of them are tremendous works of art, but I like them:


Dalek Cupcakes

We made these for Mario’s birthday in I believe 2007. They were so freaking hard to make because we’re inept at sweets. But hilariously worth it.


Vestiges of 2007

Good news! I’ve officially finished processing the pictures from 2007, which means I’m done with my old Kodak Easyshare (lovely camera, but it was really starting to show its age) and now am on to my Canon Rebel XT pics from 2008 and beyond! The next few posts will be remaining 2007s I found kicking around my hard drive.



Friends and family wanted to see Ken with short hair, and then rats happened to crawl around on him last week while he was practicing guitar, so here. Ken, guitar, and rats:


Halloween 2010- The Master, Boba Fett, Ricky Berger, and rats!

First of all, we were actually somewhat productive on Halloween and released a single called Spooky Rave, which you should check out/download immediately from and which I will link the Official Video to below:


whoop! (why scanning negatives is better)

Top: a scan of a processed photograph
Bottom: a scan of the original negative

(this is my half-sister in 1998, for the curious)

1st year-mark bbq

we recently had a bbq to celebrate making it for a year in davis. a record 15 (or 16) people showed up! near the latter third i remembered i should probably take some pictures to commemorate the event (i think fluffy and jen snogging spurred this on).

margaret and joe made it! yay! we hadn’t seen them since the ren faire of doom.

james kept trying to get mario and francesca to pose while eating.

it wasn’t a bad idea.

best picture of ken ever.

THE OUTSIDERS. for some reason most of my ucdavis friends elected to stay outside most of the night. it’s really hard to get a good picture of them outside; maybe that’s why.

meanwhile, inside most people were playing some really strange game that had to do with hoarding sheep or something.

laura is just Too Cool. we all wish we knew her secret.

i don’t know what it is with my cat and james. she’s strangely attracted to him. here, i was calling and calling her and she chose to plant herself almost directly under his crotch. disturbing.

finally, the harlot comes crawling back to me.

at one point fluffy got so drunk that he just started grabbing random girls and kissing them. that’s sara in the background, tsk tsking.

seriously, though, fluffy and jen are really cute together. and jen is pretty cool (usually i have no luck with people with that name!)

karl didn’t like it when i put a guinea pig on his shoulder.

even less so on his crotch. but that was all his fault.

a really crappy picture of mario and francesca!

black + white prints

i call this one “mowing cat.” it amuses me.

too much contrast maybe… or if you’re going for the whole chris isaac “wicked game” look, it’s just enough.

it wouldn’t be me without a picture of something dead.

they stayed so perfectly still, just like in the olden days of portrait photography. they look like sisters.

i hate these mood swings. meanwhile, look at pictures of cute animals!

together we become something greater than the sum of our parts.


they’re really just rodents after all, and far more flexible that we can imagine.

baby peppers and cute cats

told you i had a pepper! woo! guess i will have to keep watering these plants to nurture their little projects. of course, that’s hard to do when there’s a cat hogging the hose:

berryessa, rock climbing, and cuteness

laura and i went swimming at lake berryessa last week.

but first she showed me the glory hole, which is apparently proof that davis is the hellmouth, or something:

looks like someone lost their pants.

it was my first time trying out a swim cap, as i’d just had my expensive hair dying job.

laura was far more elegant than i in poise and posture, but i had to cut off her leg in this picture.

but hey, she doesn’t look like a sexy sea creature!

ken and i tried out the rocknasium for the first time and had a lot of n00b fun!

i’m not as good at pretending to fall.

quite possibly the cutest pigture i’ve ever taken. gidget really seems to calm stark down. it must be the presence of a huge, rumbly, furry, warm object that isn’t trying to eat her. 🙂

they’re just really cute when they stretch out and sleep.

sometimes i’m pretty sure only 2 people read this

but here are some nice pictures anyway.

squaw valley is a really beautiful place.

a little photoshoppy exaggeration; the skiing wasn’t this doomful.

i’ve started taking the pigs out in a pair, now that i’ve gotten more used to them and they’ve gotten more used to me (they still hate me though).

they do this a lot though. that’s stark hiding under scully as best she can.

and the cat came back…

family photo op!

the buddha could have been holding pigs instead of his own belly.

ken bonds with them too, of course 🙂

they’ve gotten way into certain vegetables, which makes me (and them) happy. they’re my first tier compost heap. stark goes insane for carrots and scully loves banana and seems very happy with spinach. and as you can see, they both like to eat melon. at the same time.

photo op ended when i scared them. this is a common scene here.

now that gidget is on summer vacation, she does more than just lie around and annoy me, you know:

she is also into literature. the book she’s reading now is called “achieving human understanding.”

and then there’s yoga.

and finally, patrolling the backyard.

the wisteria flowers are gone (along with the lovely scent and all the bees), but here’s a few shots of them i managed to get.

el jardin

i got a request for more pictures of my “garden.” today and yesterday were actually fairly decent weather so i was able to snap “a few.”

first, the general layout.

this is part of my “herb garden.” coriander is on the left, and fenced in by some lameass bricks (2 bricks deep) is the oh-so-unruly spearmint (which by the way seems to be recovering nicely after two applications of slugg-o, thank you very much!). the empty space in the middle is apparently the basil graveyard. i’ll try again as soon as i’m sure there won’t be any more lakes in the backyard.

the rest of my herb garden is on the left in this picture. yet to grow is some rosemary (i planted it next to the coriander). along the fence on the left is also where i planted the extra flower bulbs (gladioli and zantedeschia). that greenery in the bed along the fence is my flower garden proper for this year.

closeup of the flowergardenproper. gladioli in back and around the edge, daylilies in the middle, zantedeschia (yet to come up) at either end, and geraniums in the front. though i’m seriously starting to doubt the ones i planted later (the ones i left in the bag and that started getting rooty) are geraniums. totally different leaves. very confused, but then i bought them at costco so what did i really expect?

this is the south vegetable bed. so far all i have here is the red bell pepper plants on the left (they’re not looking so great; maybe too much rain? maybe earwig delicacy?) and what is supposed to be spinach on the right (see the four row markers- 2 sticks, a brick and another stick? i’m so inventive and poor). you can also see the looming ivy in the back.

i’m actually torn between getting rid of it and keeping it around as a “wildlife refuge.” actually, the lawn next door is smaller because for some reason their back ivy is fenced off by itself. maybe that can just be the refuge 😉

and this is what came of the one-foot tall creeping charlies (i think that’s what they are?) here and there in the yard– they congregated and grew taller than ken and the fence! i’m tempted to just keep this part mostly wild– maybe thin it out and add some other rambly stalky plants. every time i clear out more weeds the birds get mad at me.

i unfortunately didn’t bother to take any pictures of the western bed yet, mostly because it doesn’t look like much yet.

ok, here’s some closeups of what is going on.

the coriander is starting to get its characteristic leaves! i’m excited.

hopefully the broccoli will recover from the midnight munching. some seeds sprouted, some didn’t, and some seem to have been bitten completely back by the slugs. but it looks like i might get SOMETHING out of this…

the beans are coming up! i thought for sure they’d drowned. they’re goddamn adorable, aren’t they.

remember the green buds a while back? here’s what they turned into. mom was right.

more on the way ^_^

tonight i realized that with all my focus on what i’d planted, i totally missed what was going on with the vines on our patio roof thingy. last time i paid attention they had some sort of dorky droopy froofs going on, like cat tails, but worse. i totally missed the flowering til now!

here’s some inhabitants and transients in our yard

say what you will about jays, i love ’em. check out the 2nd picture- i think it was getting nesting material. there were a couple days where they were just carrying sticks back and forth from ground to tree.

a pair of yellow-billed magpies makes daily visits to our yard.



these mystery flowers were planted before we got here; my mother recognized them and told me to spare them. but i forget what they are. at any rate it looks like they’re starting to bud. excitement!

this bud has been around since at least end of january. so exciting that it’s almost bloom time!

garden pictures

i’m taking a small break from finishing up a horribly horribly intense (and horrible? maybe) paper draft for my advisor. i wanted to share the joy of my mystery plant in the backyard. when we got back from christmas break, i noticed that some sort of grassy plant had mysteriously appeared on the very edge of this hopelessly random garden the last tenant had planted– flowers and some sort of (i’m guessing edible) root and a tomato plant scattered here and there. i haven’t done any weeding in that patch yet, and it was in an odd spot even for the last tenants’ crazy gardening style, so i assumed it was just that– a weed. but even weeds can have flowers, so i decided to take the advice of my gardening book and wait around til the seasons change to see what treasures from the past the garden may hold, or some shit like that. in any case, look!

it just opened the other day, after a week or two of preparatory fanfare; i watched the stalk and bud form, then elongate, and at some point i could tell what color it was going to be, and i was getting so very excited! of course it is facing the wrong way, since the fence is to the right. 😛

there’s also this tree i was 99% sure from the beginning was citrus, in part from the shape of the leaves and the height, but also because we had scale all over it. ants are good for nothing bastards– they crawl up my bathroom drains just so they can mar the floors and counters and showers with disgusting black specks, they invade the desk or the trash or even the recycling at the first whiff of a crumb or a speck of food (when i have a whole compost bin outside for them to enjoy, seriously), and now they try to compromise my damn plants. gah. i just found out yesterday they’re doing the same thing to my roses; could this be why they never seem to bloom?

and this poor tree has been trying to grow … something… for months now: