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moving pictures

Carmen Sandiego shoot, February 2008

I just realized I missed a set, so here’s a little jump backwards in time to bring you photos from the filming of James Mah’s “Where in North America is Carmen Sandiego?” Which you can watch below:

Now on to the pictures.

Vestiges of 2007

Good news! I’ve officially finished processing the pictures from 2007, which means I’m done with my old Kodak Easyshare (lovely camera, but it was really starting to show its age) and now am on to my Canon Rebel XT pics from 2008 and beyond! The next few posts will be remaining 2007s I found kicking around my hard drive.


can we stop? now with sound! new and improved!!! BUY NOW

terrific news; my x3 fanvid set to a nine inch nails song now has sound again. yay for youtube’s workaround agreement with music labels! now i don’t have to hate them! watch here, if you didn’t get a chance:


i’m inordinately proud of it since it took me the longest of anything film-related to complete.

third dr who up

Challenge of the Cybermen!

hooray! (2 vids)

1) next dr. who fanfilm up (The Paper Bag Chase)! ken is in this one!

2) i’ve uploaded my latest music video to youtube:

Title: Slow Path
Fandom: Doctor Who (Rose/Ten/Reinette)
Music: Tori Amos- Parasol

it’s another dr. who one, set to a tori amos song. watch it watch it watch it. it is good and i am proud.
you can download it here.

i’m famous pt 2


scroll to the bottom.

i think the marquee is the best part.

Doctor Who- The Hunted

1st Dr Who fanfilm, the Hunted, is online! try to ignore how horribly i act and concentrate on how pretty i for some reason look.

premiere can suck the big one

for the way it handles divx. but here at long last (i’ve been trying to get rid of ghost frames for an entire day now) is my latest masterpiece:

Title: A Thousand Words
Fandom: House M.D.
Music: Aimee Mann- That’s How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart

Download here– 26.5K.

(mostly histories… a teeeny tiny bit of euphoria)

house md fan video

i think some of you may be interested in my second music vid:

Title: Cool to Be Alone
Fandom: House M.D.
Music: Ben Folds Five- Battle of Who Could Care Less

Download here.

adobe premiere is a brat.

oh yeah, and i made this dr. who music video:

Title: “You Were Fantastic”
Fandom: Doctor Who (Rose/Doctor)
Music: Girlyman- Hey Rose

Download here. (11MB AVI, DivX 6.0)