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Art Commissions

Digital painting or graphite/ink/pastel/charcoal sketch. See examples of my work here.

Base Rate: $15/hr



Full-color or B&W

1 free revision

Digital file conversion/delivery

Printing/framing fees

Additional revisions

Materials fees

Print delivery

My main medium is freehand digital painting using a Wacom tablet and pen. This takes the techniques and look of traditional painting and transfers them directly to the computer screen. Clients can then decide where and how to print using a variety of materials and techniques, including canvas, giclee, apparel, and so on. You're still getting a great work of art, with a lot more versatility!

I am also able to do work in graphite (pencil), charcoal, pastel, and ink. Materials fees (media, tools, and paper) do apply to these commissions.

Here's how the commission process typically works:

  • A client will contact me with an idea-- sometimes it's very detailed and other times it's not.
  • I'll ask questions about what they expect for the final product: size, medium, style, delivery, and so on to determine the projected number of hours it may take-- and therefore the estimated price. Often it is helpful to determine an upper limit of price so that neither of us get too carried away :)
  • Once terms have been set I then work with the client to develop the idea into a tangible product or piece. This involves a lot of back and forth, and periodic sending of sketches and mockups to the client so that they can see the progress and suggest changes as we go.
  • Typically reference materials are provided by the client, such as photographs of the subject, sample images, or an in-person sitting. Any reference searches I make will be included in the number of hours worked.
  • Once the client is satisfied and payment is received, I send the finished piece/product to them via email or web hosting (digital file) or regular mail (custom print).

And that's it!

For further information on pricing, prints, and commissioned work please contact me at!

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