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Privacy Policy (Wherein I Cover My Ass)

Ansate Jones is all about art– not about invading your privacy. Any information you share with me is necessary to run things on my end and to provide you with awesome art. Sometimes that means I need to collect, store, and share that information. This is actually way more boring than it sounds, and the gist of it is I promise you I’ll never spam you. Nor will I ever sell, trade, rent, or gift your info to some rando evil corporation.


No, really. I won’t. I am not Lex Luthor and I did not steal forty cakes. Let me explain:

Email Stuff (wherein I explain that I need your email address to email you)

When you sign up for my email newsletter, you consent to provide personal information to both me and MailChimp, a third-party company that I use for organizing email lists and sending out emails to customers. MailChimp’s privacy policy outlines what they do with your info:

Why do I need your personal information?

In order to keep in touch, send you occasional newsletters, and to keep a record of existing subscribers.

How to make it all go away

You can always unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of each email I send or by emailing me at

Social Media Stuff (wherein if you go to other websites… you’re gonna get cookies)

Not the yummy cookies either.


There are links to my Facebook business fan page on my website. Like almost every website out there today, Facebook likes to collect information on visitors in the form of website cookies. They will do this even to people without Facebook accounts. Their cookie policy and information on opt-out is here:

Sometimes Facebook will share some of the visitor data it collects with me. This is what’s known as site analytics and all it really means is that I get demographic, non-personal and non-identifying information like whether more males than females have clicked on a certain post or what country the majority of my fans may be from. This helps me tailor posts to specific subsets of Facebook visitors and users based on what they might be interested in.

Facebook also keeps a record of the Facebook users who have ‘liked’ my fan page at any given time. This includes their names and links to their Facebook profiles. This only pertains to people who have actually signed up with Facebook, liked my page, and are browsing while signed in! I may use the information provided to determine what general interests or demographics my fans may have, or to communicate with them regarding the fan page (for example if they have questions or issues arising), or any opportunities pertaining to my business (for example new groups, products, or events they may be interested in). Do not fear: Facebook fan pages CANNOT initiate conversations with fans. So no cold-calling for you.

How to make it all go away

Tweaking your cookie settings can be done by following the steps outlined in Facebook’s policy:

If you are a Facebook fan of my page and want your  information removed from my prying little eyes, the best way is to unlike my page. But that would make me pretty sad. As far as removing your information permanently from Facebook? That’s something you will have to take up with them. Here’s their data/privacy policy for more information:

Please consider joining my email list if you do get tired of Facebook’s shenanigans!

Buying Stuff (wherein I explain my recordkeeping and customer communication policies)

Direct Purchases

When you make a purchase directly from me (for example, a commissioned portrait), I store the following in a record system which is stored locally and backed up on an encrypted server:

  • your name
  • any contact information provided
  • method of payment (not your account details, just whether you paid via credit card, cash, Paypal, etc.)
  • what you bought
  • when you bought it

Paypal? More like… Shmaypal?– OK. I got nothing.

Credit card and other paperless payments are processed through Paypal and Paypal Here (here’s their privacy policy: I will record and store the data I listed in the previous section based on the data Paypal provides me from these transactions. Paypal does NOT give me access to credit card numbers and I do not store them.

Why do I need your personal information?

This is mostly for the purpose of record-keeping. However, I may also need to contact previous and existing customers regarding their purchases from me. I want to make sure you are satisfied with what I’m providing you and that you know how and where to get more!

How to make it all go away

You can make a purchase from me without sharing personal information by paying for premade products in cash at an event or consignment store.


On this site I provide links to my products featured on other websites. These sites are print-on-demand sites that have their own privacy policies as linked below:

Any personal information you provide to them does not get sent to me and is stored in accordance with their policies, not mine. In other words, my privacy policy doesn’t cover your interactions with the above sites.

Questions? Complaints? Concerns? (wherein you contact me because I’m lonely)

Any time you want to check up on what info I’ve got about you, please send me an email: I will delete or change it upon request.

That’s it! Thanks for reading! Please reward yourself for making it all the way through this post with a cookie, or tea, or a walk in a park, or a massage, or hey, some amazing artwork perhaps?

Well, it was worth a try.

☥ April Burton (Ansate Jones)