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Pacific Northwest Tour Part 3: Portland (2007)

Our third day of the trip we spent exploring Portland, Oregon with Dave and Maz as our guides.

On the train into the city proper!

This picture cracks me up. I am demonstrating the ‘no hands’ approach and looking quite smug… BUT CHECK OUT THE TEENY TINY MOFO BEHIND ME. He is clearly the king of unconventional rail riding and I bow to this prepubescent wonder.

Yard work is done a bit differently in Portland, you see.

We went to this great bubble tea place with just… tons and tons of teas and add-ins. And a really nice sitting room with couches and books. I was most amused, though, by the positioning of the straw hole in the plastic covers for the cups. Yes, every single one invited you to stab a young girl in the face. ?!?!

Ken very quickly found the book for him…

Surprise balls!

The rest of us contented ourselves with defacing the magazines.

The Stephen King section of Powell’s. Ken practically had to pry me away.

I see modern art, I have to make it worse. I won’t apologize.

An example of the disturbing decor at Chez Dave.

Squirrel in the morning!

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