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Pacific Northwest Tour Part Four: Mt. St. Helens National Park (2007)

Our fourth and fifth days we spent exploring Mt. St. Helens. The first night we tried dispersed camping– it was the first time I’d done it in a while but, aside from getting lost AND finding bear hair and scat a few yards from our tent the next morning, it was a surprisingly fun experience. And now I am much less afraid of fire.

Right. First order of business: get stuck in a cave.

The Meatball, Ape Cave.

Exploring lava tunnels.

Oh god, these little squirrels were everywhere. Golden-mantled ground squirrels, I believe. Look like chipmunks, really squirrels.

They were friendly.

They got a bit overly friendly at times.


I think I took this exact picture before, about 9 years prior. I’ll have to dig it up and see.

Ken patiently waiting for me while I stalk a deer.

Dinner was mostly successful. Cooking over a real fire kind of takes forever without proper equipment.

Maybe he IS on a research grant, but I doubt it.

Just me and my favorite volcanic mountain.

Portrait of Ken and Dave, with Toasted Oats.

I can’t take a normal picture.

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