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England & Scotland 2008, Pt. 2: London and Yorkshire

So finally, here we are in England. Our first day we spent in London, and the next we headed out to Yorkshire. Little did we know what we were in for in the Dales…

We got to the British Museum like an hour before closing, because we’d taken a nap like lame-o travelers.

We did see bones and ankhs though before we were kicked out.

Our required nightwalk along the Thames, my favorite part of any London trip.

I don’t remember this scene in Lost. I think it’s kind of a strange depiction of the show, at any rate.

The next day we were off to a biking/hostel adventure in Yorkshire! Here’s Ken getting our night’s accommodations in Malhamdale. Silly us, we decided to bike there from Settle.

The biking was difficult and dangerous (steep hills plus rain plus limestone are pretty much a recipe for disaster for two Californians). I fell twice, and we both were damp and muddy by the time we got to the hostel. But the scenery was beautiful.

This trip was definitely a lesson in loosening up and not trying to control circumstances too much. We missed the bus back to Settle and weren’t able to go see some of the things we wanted to see, but it did mean we were able to see more of Malham. We walked down to the cove and back while we waited for the next bus.

Lady blacksmith in Malham.

Back at the Settle station.

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