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England & Scotland 2008 Pt. 6: Isle of Skye Pt. 1

Finally we were at the Isle of Skye. We got into Mallaig and took a ferry over to Armadale, then a bus to Broadford where our hostel was. While we waited for the bus in Armadale we took a little hike around:

An electrified hammock. I guess.

There was this weird forest trail loop with organic garden stuff. It was really neat.

Ken checking out the sea lions from the blind.

The next day we bussed up to Portree and then around the tip of the island.

Birds want our breakfast.

Duntulm Castle ruins

You know, when we got up there the sign said we couldn’t go any further. That’s when I snapped, basically said “I’m like thousands of miles away from home, SCREW IT” and jumped the barrier anyway.

On the bus back!

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