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England & Scotland Pt. 10: Edinburgh Castle

Another thing that makes Edinburgh so fantastic is the Castle. And the fudge on the way to the Castle, which I was stupid enough not to buy. But that’s a story for never.

Some horse-faced lady in one of the museums wouldn’t let us in with backpacks because they might ‘harm the paintings’. You know. The paintings that were three feet behind a barrier. She also wouldn’t let me drink water in the doorway to the museum. So I did this and felt much better.

Step 23: Check voicemail.

This is why Scotland is insane and amazing. Their warriors fought with BABIES ON THEIR BACKS.

These are archaic ovens. See if you can get the visual pun.

The front of a memorial for soldiers.

Hey, look, it’s like, all the past rulers, or something. Well. Part of them.

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