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Auburn State Rec Area, 2008

In early April 2008 we went out hiking in the Auburn State Recreation Area for Ken’s birthday. It was mostly fun, until we got lost. We met a rattlesnake and a lizard and quite a few butterflies. I also played with RAW files for the first time.

In the OfficeMax parking lot after buying a new compact flash card.

In the ASRA ‘parking lot’.

I kept trying to snap pictures of the waterfalls on the trail all day. They all kept coming out weird.

Someone’s hiding in this picture. 🙂

Our friend the rattlesnake. It had no problem with us, but when a bunch of bikers passed us on the trail it reared up and rattled at them.

Me on the bridge! Taken by Ken.

Showing off the Australian outback hat I got at a thrift store. And the shirt I designed for the ABGG.

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