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Sac Steampunk Society Bohemian Experience, 2011

One of the great things about knowing musicians in the area is getting the opportunity to join them at uber-cool events. So last Saturday my band, Never Right Now, got to play an awesome show alongside Laura Ortiz (aka Belle Francisco) and her band, Twilight Willow, at a Bohemian party put on by the Sacramento Steampunk Society. The host converted a barn into a steampunk club house and the decor was absolutely amazing. I tried absinthe for the first time, and we met some great people and musicians. Also, the crowd at this performance was one of the most receptive so far, and we sold many CDs. Very cool! When I had a chance I snapped a few pictures and got to mess around with on-camera flash.

Cynthia Martz and Scott Nelson of Twilight Willow

Belle Francisco of Twilight Willow

Ken Taylor of Never Right Now 😉

Skyler, a last-minute add to the entertainment schedule. He’s pretty accomplished with the finger-style guitar!

Alan Dill, our friend and merch guy for the evening, and that’s Laura Hack on the divan. Easily my favorite picture of the evening. For once the flash cooperates!

Belle models my top hat!

Toward the end of the evening a newcomer showed up with a saxophone and wowed us in a jazz jam session with Skyler and Scott!

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