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Jenny’s Sushi Birthday, 2008

I’m about three years behind again on the Digitalis project; how did this happen?!?!? Ah well. Here’s some nice pics of Jenny’s birthday party three years ago, where she made sushi and we happily ate it.

Jenny hard at work!


The cutest napkins in the world.

… Yeah, I dunno either.

Karl’s very photogenic. Actually, so is Sara. They make a very photogenic couple.


Our friend, the fish with some sort of swim bladder problem.

Spiff wants out.

Karl tries to be a Frenchman.

On the plus side, I do have shoulder length red hair again. IT’S LIKE THREE YEARS AGO.

Sara has the best t-shirts.

After the party started winding down we were still in a party mood, so we headed to Sara and Karl’s because they… know how to party. Heh-heh. Yeah. Anyhow you should never let me at a whiteboard. Or any of us, for that matter…

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