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ARE YA READY FOR SOME NIN PICTURES from… like… 3 1/2 years ago?

Yeah, so I went to what ended up being one of the last NIN tours ever: The Lights in the Sky show in Sacramento, December 2008. Trent had intimated he’d never come back to Sac after the With Teeth fiasco last time, so I wasn’t gonna miss this. I was not disappointed. As a plus, they let me bring in my camera equipment because NIN rocks. All these were taken with my zoom lens; we were midway to the stage.

Trent Reznor is really good at making the duck face.

You thought I was kidding.

He’s also really good at ridiculous poses. Here’s ‘Airplane Arms 2008’.

He’s also really good at making agonized collapse poses into his mic stand.

To answer your unspoken question: yes. It ended up going into the audience.


Trent… Trent.

Another thing he excels at: air time.

The installations and lighting for NIN concerts were always so effing beautiful. I’m going to miss that.

Just the trees outside the Arco Arena.

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