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New Who sketches (2011)

I’ve been neglecting my drawing and so my goal this summer is to power through a couple of things I’ve been stalling on. I got a couple of pieces finished last night and am pretty encouraged and inspired and happy enough to share them with you here!


New Drawing (Strapped)

I just seem to like drawing John Simm in bondage gear. Here he is as the Master in Doctor Who. Check out that confident smile; the balance of power has already shifted and nobody else has even noticed.

John Simm

Here’s my favorite photo of my favorite actor, John Simm, redone in pencil. I’m trying to get used to drawing in backgrounds, instead of just leaving portraits on a backdrop of white. It’s more difficult than I thought!

Also, I wish I could get my pictures darker. I’m using a 7B and it still looks too light to me. I’m considering moving to charcoal and/or pastels. Any fellow artists out there with other suggestions?



This sketch took me WAY longer than I wanted it to. But them’s the breaks when you are drawing the Master. He likes making everything difficult.

getting close to finished

and i’ve only been working on her (obviously off and on) since february. 😛

i don’t know what to do next with her. probably color.