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California State Fair, 2008

Well, now I’m only three years behind on pictures. Every year Ken and I made a point of going to the California State Fair. Here’s our experience in 2008!


Random Davis Sights- Graveyards, Jackrabbits, and Crazy Playground Antics (Summer 2008)

Most of these are from another bike ride Ken and I took around East Davis.

Carmen Sandiego shoot, February 2008

I just realized I missed a set, so here’s a little jump backwards in time to bring you photos from the filming of James Mah’s “Where in North America is Carmen Sandiego?” Which you can watch below:

Now on to the pictures.

Brunch at K St, 2008

This looks like it was when Laura had the idea to have a girls-only brunch.

I don’t have much technically to say about this set except I agonized over white balance for some reason.

I can’t help thinking of Pan’s Labyrinth. I’m sorry, Laura.

Jack, plain and tall (and proud).

Casey kind of looks like Oliver Twist here or something.

Harry wants no part in this.

Davis Greenbelt, Spring 2008

Ken and I took a bike ride and I brought the camera. Read on for blossoms, geese, Trike Dog, and a flock of robins.


Train Walk / K Street (2008)

Some time in February or March I decided I was going to take a walk by myself and just photograph things as I happened across them. Partially this was more testing and practicing with the Rebel XT… but this is also when I first made the decision to quit grad school and go into art as a career.


Ducks, ducks, geese (UC Davis Arboretum February 2008)

Checking out my new camera in 2008, using the arboretum at UC Davis as my testing ground.


Sacramento Zoo, 2008

Our first and probably only visit to the Sacramento Zoo with Sara in 2008. I had my zoom lens, which was handy, but all the fences were not 😛


2008 camera testing

Here’s some of the initial pics I took with my Canon Rebel XT just after I got it, early 2008. None of them are tremendous works of art, but I like them:


Explorit 2007

I found this set I never uploaded from my old camera! Here’s pretty much the only time we went to Explorit, I think, back in 2007. Explorit is sort of like a small-scale Museum of Science, right in Davis.


Vestiges of 2007

Good news! I’ve officially finished processing the pictures from 2007, which means I’m done with my old Kodak Easyshare (lovely camera, but it was really starting to show its age) and now am on to my Canon Rebel XT pics from 2008 and beyond! The next few posts will be remaining 2007s I found kicking around my hard drive.


How I Spent My Thanksgiving Vacation (Three Years Ago)

Most of the pictures from this were horrible, but here’s some cute ones:


Halloween 2010- The Master, Boba Fett, Ricky Berger, and rats!

First of all, we were actually somewhat productive on Halloween and released a single called Spooky Rave, which you should check out/download immediately from and which I will link the Official Video to below:



ehh, sometimes they can be charming.

this is a picture i took during one of the “herding children” activities i sometimes speak of. it pretty much usually involves slimy crawly things.